Cammie Sorensen - Speaker, Coach, Financial Advisor for Women and Families

Cammie Sorensen – Speaker, Coach, Financial Advisor for Women and Families

Hello friends!

I’m so happy you stopped by.  I am a financial advisor for women and families – helping them determine what matters to them most, and move toward it by taking intentional steps with their finances.  I work in our family’s wealth management firm. We just celebrated our 100th anniversary!

People are my passion.  I believe in you and your potential. I believe in your dream. And I love a challenge.  I believe in mentoring, setting goals, the power of graciousness, gentleness, strong and hopeful leadership, and the unique beauty of each person’s story.

My mission is bring joy and hope to people’s lives, helping them to discover what matters the most. And have them in my home. And cook them simple and delicious food. And make them take the leftovers.

I would like to bulldoze the status quo.



Cammie Sorensen was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.  One of five children, she learned early the importance of family and relationship. Cammie spent most of her growing up years in Madison, Wisconsin, and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she studied Communication Science and Rhetorical Studies.

Shortly after graduating from the University, Cammie went to work in her dad’s wealth management firm, a small and thriving business in America’s heartland. There, she works with women and families, offering  fresh financial concepts to individuals who are committed to making a lasting impact on their particular slice of the world. It was working with her dad and his commitment to helping her learn-from-experience the ins and outs of growing American business where Cammie learned firsthand the beauty and power of the entrepreneurial spirit, and the fact that building something yourself is where the most passion lies.  A creative at heart, Cammie has learned what it takes for business to hold tight to long-held roots while growing sustainably with the market, and that right-brained ladies can make it last in a left-brained world.

Cammie is passionate about giving back, finds herself passionately immersed in a number of amazingly impactful charitable organizations, and is President of the Junior League of Madison. She was also selected to be part of Leadership Greater Madison, a year-long intensive in civic leadership.  She loves the way change can be a catalyst for healthy growth.  Cammie has enjoyed  a lifetime love of singing.

Cammie was recently featured in In Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40 - “Each year, we solicit nominations for a new class of outstanding professionals under the tender age of 40, and each year we find that the Madison business community is blessed with scores of accomplished young leaders.” -InBusiness Magazine

Cammie is described as a Connector – one that thrives in helping find ways to connect people with other people or tools or places or support.  People are what make the world go ’round, and connecting them makes it all the more electric.